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Oxford Superblend Bed Linens T-200

Manufacturer: Ganesh Mills | Oxford Super Blend

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Bask in the height of luxury with our Oxford Superblend Hotel Bed Linens, which are designed from an elite blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The percale weave with a 200 Thread Count (T200) provides a smooth, crisp feel, while mercerization enhances the fabric's lustrous appearance and strength, ensuring a sumptuous and long-lasting experience.

Elevate your sleep experience with the comprehensive Oxford Super Blend luxury hotel collection bed linen, part of our luxury hotel linens wholesale, comprises pillowcases, fitted sheets, and flat sheets, each thoughtfully designed to embody both style and comfort.

The Oxford Superblend super linens pillowcase boasts a generous 2&'' hem, adding an extra touch of elegance to your bedding ensemble. The Flat Sheets also have a 2" Top Hem & 1" Bottom Hem.  Oxford T 200 sheets are a great option when purchasing wholesale sheets for hotels, resorts, and other vacation or VRBO rentals.  

  • Percale Weave
  • Mercerized for increased strength and for a more lustrious appearance.
  • Deep Fitted Pockets
  • Pilling Proof Anti-Shrink Wrinkle-Free Properties with No Spot Formation.
  • Easy Laundry Identification -Thread Code Color on Bottom Hem

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Pillow Cases
Flat Sheets
Fitted Sheets

Percale Sheets Versus Sateen Sheets
Percale sheets are sheets woven using a percale weave. Percale sheets are the most popular type of weave in among bed linen. A percale weave is when the threads are woven in a consistent vertical and horizonatal pattern. This gives a crisp, soft finish that only gets even softer after every wash. The T-200 Oxford Superblend Bed Sheets are an example of hotel bed sheets made using a percale weave.
Sateen sheets are bedsheets woven with a sateen weave. A sateen weave is compromised of 1 weft yarn woven over 4 warp yarns. This creates a satin-like finish that is shiny and soft to the touch. Sateen sheets do tend to wrinkle less than percale sheets. The sateen weave creates a more refined producgt than a percale weave and is typically utilized in more premium hotel bed sheets starting at T-250 and T-300 thread counts. 


What Is Thread Count?
Bed sheets are one of the most standout aspects of any guest's stay. There are so many different features and blends to look into, but to keep things simple, a consistent spec to all bed sheets in thread count. Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into one square inch of fabric. For example, a T200 sheet like the Oxford Superblend sheet, is compromised of 100 horizontal threads and 100 vertical threads- The perfect option for a hotel bed, Airbnb, inn, or resort room. 


Customer Testimonial
"These give the 100% cotton feel while being easier on the pockets and a little more manageable laundering wise for my inn. Don't wrinkle as easy, look crisp."


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