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Royal MicroLux Sheets and Pillowcases, White

Manufacturer: KSE

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Royal MicroLux Microfiber White Sheets are created using the ultimate Microlux fabric, which is made with thousands of soft microfibers creating the ultimate comfort that compares to T-1000 linens. The innovative MicroLux™ fabic not only provides the best comfort, but saves time and money by drying quicker and lasting up to two times longer than blended cotton/poly linens in the institutional and commercial laundering process.

  • Longest Durability - Lasts 2x Longer Than Blended Linens
  • Highest Stain Resistance
  • Bright White Color Retention
  • Wrinkle-Resistant White Microfiber Sheets
  • No Iron
  • 120 GSM Fabric
  • What is 100% MicroLux™ Microfiber Fabric? It makes the best microfiber sheets and is comparable to 1000 Thread Count bed linens.
  • 14 in. deep pockets in fitted sheets
  • Color: White
  • 1.5 Inch Hem on Microfiber Sheets and Microfiber Pillowcases

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What is Microfiber?
The term "microfiber" refers to any synethetic fiber that has a diameter less than ten microfibers, which is known as one denier. Microfiber can be made of polyester, polyamides, acrylic, viscose, modal, lyocell, nylon, and more. Microfiber is most popularly made using a blend of polyester and nylon. 


Microfiber Sheets Versus Cotton Sheets
Microfiber is lightweight and has moisture-wicking qualities. They also trap heat, which is ideal for colder temperatures and cold sleepers. Microfiber bed sheets are typically thinner than cotton, but are still durable. Microfiber sheets are usually woven using a percale weave or a sateen weave. The more tightly the microfiber threads are woven, the longer lasting it will be after multiple washings. They are easy to clean and have less shrinkage than cotton sheets.


Cotton sheets are breathable and cool-tempered. Cotton bedsheets are ideal for those with allergies, as they're made with all natural materials. Cotton gets softer after every wash, but is not as durable as microfiber after consistent washings. Cotton is better than microfiber at regulating sleeping temperature and also tends to stain less.


Customer Testimonial
"Microfiber sheets are perfect for patient beds. They're soft and easy to maintain (and also last a veeery long time). Changed all our beds to microfiber fitted sheets and not going back. Highly recommend to any clinic or practice."


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