Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, what is the proper method to clean my business for the safety of my employees and the general public?

This article is intended to offer a simple framework for making your workplace safe, based on current CDC and EPA guidelines. Have a cleaning protocol and schedule. Your protocol should incorporate 2 through 5 below, as well as a list of touch points to be…

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ERB Glo-Mega® Omega II® Safety Helment – Glow In the Dark Hard Hat

Glow-in-the-Dark head protection great for the mining industry, ship yards, underground utilities, and night highway construction. Q: What causes the Glo-Mega to glow?A: The glow is caused by photoluminescence, commonly referred to as glow-in-the-dark. The materials used in the Glo-Mega are nothing at all like…

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Difference Between Slide Lock and Mega Ratchet Safety Helmet Adjustments

The Slide-Lock adjustment is used in many ERB Safety Helmets. The Slide-Lock adjustment for head sizes 6.5 – 8 (The Slide-Lock suspension easily adjusts to over 40 different head sizes between sizes 6.5 – 8. The suspension material is specially formulated for pliable comfort and…

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