Difference Between Slide Lock and Mega Ratchet Safety Helmet Adjustments

The Slide-Lock adjustment is used in many ERB Safety Helmets. The Slide-Lock adjustment for head sizes 6.5 – 8 (The Slide-Lock suspension easily adjusts to over 40 different head sizes between sizes 6.5 – 8. The suspension material is specially formulated for pliable comfort and strength as well as to provide a smooth sliding action.)

The Mega Ratchet size adjustment for head sizes 6.5 – 8 is used in Many ERB Safety Helmets (The “Secure-Fit” ratchet features an easy turn knob that allows size adjustment from head sizes 6.5 – 8 without removing the helmet. Each turn of the ratchet knob automatically locks with 50 meshing teeth securing the position. The no-slip hold maintains the desired fit even in the most physically active jobs or extreme weather conditions. The hinged ratchet fits low on the nape of the neck and is height-adjustable for a perfect fit. The ratchet mechanism is cushioned with thick sponge padding for long-lasting comfort.

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