What is a Vat-Dyed Pool Towel?

Cabana Stripe Beach Towels -Economy VAT Dyed
Cabana Stripe Beach Towels -Economy VAT Dyed

There are generally two types of dying processes that can be used to dye a towel. Vat Dyed and Reactive Dye.

Vat Dye is a water-insoluble dye, usually containing keto groups which is normally applied to the fiber from an alkaline aqueous solution of the reduced enol (leuco) form, and which is subsequently oxidized in the fiber to the insoluble form making it the most long-lasting dye. While these colors do not tend to be as bright as colors using the reactive dye process, they are color-fast, do not bleed, and retain the color much longer than the reactive dye process. The VAT dye process is typically more expensive, but provides a color that withstands harsh chemicals such as chlorine and chemicals used in pools and the industrial laundering process. Example of Towels that are VAT Dyed include:

Cabana Stripe Towels – Premium

Cabana Stripe Beach Towels, Economy VAT Dyed

Cabana Stripe Towels, Economy, Assorted Colors
Cabana Stripe Towels, Economy, Assorted Colors

The reactive dye process towels provides brighter colors and are typically used in retail towels. The reactive dye process is capable of reacting chemically with the fabric. While this process allows for brighter colors, those colors do not hold their color and tend to bleed and fade more quickly than Vat Dyed. Many of the economy beach towels we offer use this process and are very affordable. Examples include:

Cabana Stripe Towels, Economy in assorted colors.

Cabana Stripe Towels, Economy – Multi-color Stripe

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