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Manufacturer: Ganesh Mills | Oxford Super Blend

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Magic Spun Poly Napkins 20 X 20 - 100% Spun Polyester 2 Ply MJS Double Yarn Premium Napkins are available in Various Colors. Spun Polyester has greater durability over a normal polyester fabric. Spun polyester is durable through 300 washings. Cloth Napkins in bulk offer a fabric has a heavier cotton/poly blend type texture to the touch so it feels better! Numerous washing do not fade the fabric and will produce an even softer touch. Spun Polyester also has been shown to have better absorbability than 100% polyester napkins.

  • Spun Poly Greater Durability
  • Heavier Cotton Like Texture
  • Feels Better to the Touch
  • 7.3 oz sq/yd
  • 2 Ply MJS Double Yarn cloth napkins
  • Better Absorbability
  • Wholesale Napkins in Case Quantities of 144 or Choose Packs of 12. These are polyester napkins only available in bulk.

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What is polyester table linen?
100% Polyester table linens are one of the most popular table linen choices. This durable fabric have sleek, elegant drops that is great for professional and formal settings. While they are classy, polyester is extremely durable that can withstand years of wear and tear. Polyester is fade resistant and stain resistant. Maintenance and care is easy and straight forward, which is ideal for food service, banquets, and commercial settings. Lower quality polyester table cloths can eventually pill and snag, and can also be less breathable because of the lower thread count. Make sure you are picking good quality tablecloths and napkins to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. 


Polyester Versus Cotton
Polyester is more durable than cotton because it is more flexible. Polyester is innately hydrophobic which means it doesn't stain as easily. Cotton attracts moisture, but is also more breathable. Cotton is also hypoallergenic. Each fabric provides its own benefits when used as fabric for table cloths and linen napkins and has its own appropriate settings. 


Customer Testimonial
"Best polyester table napkins on the market. Never realized how much better ringspun polyester is. It is easy to wash and hardly stains. Doesn't need ironing either! Worth the money." 


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